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First cover album in 2011

In the period between 2006 and 2009 Jaakje started to sing more and more and during Christmas time she often played with a guitarist on Terschelling when visiting her family. From 2010 until 2012 Jaakje was part of the duo named ¨Take, performing in hotels and bars all over Mallorca. Jaakje also have been singing together with a pianist in the band called ¨Sunset¨, this was in 2014.


In 2011 Jaakje recorded her first cover album with songs which were close to her heart. On this album she recorded songs of Eva Cassidy, Katie Melua and of course a song of Whitney Houston could not be missed. A secoond


Every year she is invited to sing at an art exhibition on Mallorca where she gives a little concert in a cave. A lot of people come for the art, but also love to hear the beautiful voice of Jaakje which gets an extra dimension due to the acoustics of the cave.


International performances


Jaakje not only sings on the beautiful island of Mallorca, she has also performed internationaly on Ibiza, in Germany, Switzerland, Ireland and ofcourse the Netherlands.



Her second cover album ¨This Is Me¨ was released in January 2014 with very positive reviews.





Jaakje was born on Terschelling, an island in the north of the Netherlands. She grew up peaceful and happy on this paradise where, when she was a young girl, you could find her every evening singing in her bedroom. Songs of her idols Whitney Houston and Celine Dion were her favorites. That´s where it all started!


Love for Mallorca


In April of 2005 she left Terschelling for a working holiday on the island Mallorca. That winter, she decided to go and live in Hilversum in the middle of the Netherlands, a better opportunity to start a singing career, a long-cherished dream that she could not carry out on Terschelling. She took some singing lessons with Lisa Boray, a well known vocal coach and singer in the Netherlands. During this time Jaakje succeeded in several talent shows. She also did an audition for a band, to replace the female lead singer, and succeeded in that. But she never got to play with them because the warmth and beauty for the island Mallorca was constantly on her mind. So in May 2006 she decided to go back! Her thoughts were;........"If I want to sing, I can sing  anywhere!".


Musical star and singing waitress


In the season of 2006 Jaakje got the chance to sing in a musical for a big entertainment agency and became one of the main characters. In 2009 she became a singing waitress in a restaurant called

¨La Petite Iglesia¨ in Cala Figuera. From that time on, things started to work out for her as clients of the restaurant were showing interest in booking her for private occasions.





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